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Tracking Down CPA & Affiliate Offers

Ever wonder what affiliate network an offer was from?

Well, today I'm going to share a nice little trick that can help you track down an offer fast.

Also learn if your affiliate network is brokering offers.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret of the affiliate industry, networks broker offers to each other. Many times big affiliate networks broker offers to smaller affiliate networks.

Once you get a campaign rocking, you'll definitely want to split test the offer from it's source.

Well, how can you find the source?

Also, how about when you find a landing page and want to know what network it's offer is from?

Check this handy free tool.


Toss in a URL, and it'll show you all the re-directs you jump through before reaching your finial destination.

Now your affiliate network may have the offer bounce through a few tracking URLs, and the offer might have a redirect or two of its own.

But if you see any URLs standing out, do a search for root domain on AffPaying, AffPaying lists all the tracking URLs for each affiliate network on their page. See what comes up.

Why is testing the source of an offer important? Well, for starters it'll have the fastest load time (do to the least amount of redirects.) Also going right to the source minimizes scrubbing and shaving.

Give it a shot! Another great tool is Google Chrome Extension Redirect Path that shows your redirects automatically as your browse.
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