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The $1,000 POF Targeting Guide

Campaigns are lost and won in Plenty of Fish's targeting section.

For this reason I decided to breakdown every possible Plenty of Fish targeting parameter in detail.

Sharing insights, and how I personally use them to make my campaigns cash in.

If you are unfamiliar with Plenty of Fish's targeting section, you are unfamiliar with Plenty of Fish (aka POF).

For any given campaign you can access it's targeting by clicking the “[Edit]” button next to the campaign's name. Here you can set the particular targeting settings you want the campaign to follow.

This is our breakdown of every available targeting setting.


This is pretty standard. You can select between Male and Female. The gender split on POF is 60% Male and 40% Female.

According to this POF blog post, you can call out the user's gender in an ad by using the {gender:default} ad tag.


Set your age range. Check out POF's age distribution listed from most traffic to least:

1. 20-29
2. 30-39
3. 40-49
4. 50-59
5. <20
6. 60+

The average age on Plenty of Fish is 34. You can call out a user's age in an ad by using the {age:default} ad tag.

This is all according to the blog post mentioned before.


Countries targetable are United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, and Spain. Here are the most popular countries according to POF:
  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. Ireland
  6. New Zealand
Marital Status

Target users by their Marital Status. I generally leave this untouched, unless I am making campaigns specifically for people that have been divorced.


Target users by income. Check the income breakdown from POF below:
Body Type

Target users by their selected body type. This can be very useful when calling out users in your ad's text.

Zip Code

Target users by their distance from a specific zip code. This could be great for making some ultra target campaigns, but when it comes to CPA I would suggest staying away from it.

You are going to end up with too little traffic.


Target users by their ethnicity. Do to a rule change you can no longer call out a person's ethnicity in your ads.

But you can still, put this into use with how you choose your ad images.


Target users by their intent. This can be useful when deciding to make a campaign more sexually charged or relationship geared.

Search Type

Target users by what they are looking for on Plenty of Fish. This can be another gem of a target.

Has Children

Target users by if they have children. What do you know, another great thing to call out in your ads.


Target users by the state they live in. You can call out a user's state in an ad by using the {state:default} ad tag.

Education Level

Target users by their education level. Education can have a big effect on a campaign. Like Profession people take a lot of pride in their Education, and it resinates with them a lot. Its defiantly a very powerful thing to touch on in your ads.

Login Count

Login Count is the number of times a user has logged into POF. The more amount times a user has logged into POF the more likely they are to develop banner blindness.

Meaning they have been on POF so much their mind has trained itself to ignore the ads, thus lowing your CTR.

I like to have my Login Count set between 50-150. It really seems to be the sweet spot for me. I wouldn't recommend going over 250, but play with it yourself and decide.

Session Depth

Session Depth is how many pages a user has viewed since logging into their account. I like to set this over 5, because when a user initially logs in, they are fairly distracted with their new messages ect.

You could alternatively try setting it to 1 and calling out people by saying things in your ads such as “No New Messages?” Either way the Session Depth can be put to work for you in many ways.

Ads Clicked

This is the number of ads a user has clicked on. Personally I leave this unset.

You could try to get a better CTR by targeting people who click on more ads, but in my experience just because a user clicks on a lot of ads it doesn't mean they are a quality click.

Basically just because someone is a clicker, doesn't mean they are a sign-up-er or a buyer.


Target users by their religion. This can be a real money maker when it comes to religion specific offers for example Christian Mingle, JDate ect.

Smoking Habits

Target users by their smoking habits. This has worked great for me with smoking related offers in the past.


Target users by if they have a Car. This can be useful for auto related offers.


Target users by their Profession. Profession is another targeting item like Education that users put a lot of self-worth into.

People take a lot of pride in their profession, and it resinates with them a lot. It is defiantly a very powerful thing to call out in your ads.

Drinking Habits

Target users by their Drinking Habits. Personally I've never used this targeting option, but I'm sure it could be put to work.

Looking to Marry Soon

Target users by their thoughts on marriage. This is great to use because you can call out people on something that can really strike a chord with them. I like calling out girls with who are Looking to Marry Soon.


Target users by their Height. Another great way to call out users. For example “Like Taller Men?”

Games and Puzzles

Target users by if they like Games or Puzzles. Its pretty clear this was put in by POF to help aid people running gaming offers. So if you run gaming offers, take advantage of it.

Hair Color

Target users by their hair color. Personally I've never tried targeting a user by their hair color, but hey it could be worth a shot. Maybe if you're hair salon trying to sell highlights to girls?

Browser Type

Target users by their Browser Type. This is KEY! If you are not running a mobile offer make sure to block iPhone and Android traffic. If you have a mobile offer, you could try targeting them specifically.


Target users by if they have pets. Another great gem, people love their pets. When you can call people out or target them by things they are attached to, it can be very powerful.

Looking For

Target users by what sex they are attracted to. This is another must use for any dating campaign you run. A lot of people will over look it.
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