A Complete Course of CPA

Stack Cash with CPS Affiliate Offers

CPS = Cost Per Sale. You know the offers with the $30 payouts? Want to see how I get them to convert?

For the newbies, I'll show you EXACTLY what goes through my head when building any CPS campaign.

For the advance, I'll share some of my ad copy tricks.

Every since I got started with affiliate marketing over 5 years ago, I have always been drawn towards CPS offers.

Maybe because they have the highest payouts, or maybe because I was always told they're less likely to get scrubbed.

All I know is I have alway loved promoting CPS offers. A CPS offer is any offer that requires the user to make a purchase before you get paid.

Selecting an Offer

CPS offers can come in a wide range. I generally stick with the common ones found on standard Affiliate Networks like Diet, Biz-Op, Teeth Whitening, ect.

I find these convert the best all around, you can make them work with pretty much any traffic source.

I suggest staying away from networks that do revenue shares, and ebooks like Clickbank. Especially when starting out with CPS.

These offers are great, but when you are just learning they can provide more of a challenge. Like I stated before, Affiliate Network based CPS offers preform the best all around. I'll show you how I work rev-shares and Clickbank in another guide.

Now when it comes to picking an offer, I look at 3 things:
  1. What does my affiliate manger say is converting the best?
  2. The offer's payout compared to the offer's cost to the consumer.
  3. What offer just looks like it will convert well?
    I always grab a few to test, but I stick within one niche.

    Finding Traffic

    A lot of different traffic sources can work with these offers, like I've said they're very flexible.  But there are two types of traffic I do recommend passing on when are starting out.

    Stay away from anything that targets young kids, they don't have credit cards.  So I would suggest not advertising on gaming websites, cell apps, ect.

    Also stay away from sites that give people ADD, these people don't have the focus to complete a longer sale. So I would suggest passing on stuff like Facebook and Plenty of Fish for starters.

    The Landing Page

    CPS offers will need landing pages the majority of the time. What I usual do is go to the traffic source I plan on running the offer at, and try to find another advertisement selling the same product.

    I look at their landing page, and realize that this is my competition. I try to get inspired.  I need to make my landing page better than theirs. Not “as good as theirs”, not “looking like theirs”, it must be “better than theirs.”

    The Ad Copy

    When starting out with the ads I like to be as direct as possible. People hate when they think something is going to be free or maybe just given to them, then they are slapped with a price tag.

    Over the years I've learned nothing beats being as direct as possible.

    I like to include the price and the results they may achieve in my ad.

    Here are some examples of ads I'd use for Biz Opp and Diet. You can apply these concepts to any niche.

    Biz Opp
    • Turn $4 into $115
    • Quit Your Job for $5
    • Turn $5 into a Full-time Job!
    • Start Working at Home for $5!
    • The $4 Miracle Diet
    • Lose 15lbs for Only $5?
    • The $6 Weight Loss Trick!
    • Spend $5, Lose 10lbs.

    The next tip is incorporating the user's state when you can. With the ad this really depends on the ad network, and if they have a state parameter. But with the landing page just use any geo-script.

    Here are some examples combining both concepts:
    1.  The $4 Ohio Miracle Diet
    2.  TEXAS ONLY: Turn $4 into $115
    3.  New Yorker's $6 Weight Loss Trick!
    4.  MAINE: Spend $5, Lose 10lbs.
    Now I'll bring both these concepts over to my landing page as well.

    Well that's all I got for now, go get testing!
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