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Solo Ads Explained

Every once and a while I receive a question about Solo Ads.

They are quite popular on WarriorForum, so I thought, I would share an overview on them.

This is my Solo Ads guide.

What are Solo Ads?

Solo Ads is the traffic source coming from the process of buying advertisements placed inside a vender's e-mail list blasts.

Many time venders will also offer you the option send your very own e-mail blast to their list.

Solo Ads are typically very cheap, and the vendor will charge per blast or sometimes per clicks.

Solo Ads are ideally used to build e-mail list, by sending the clicks to a good squeeze page.

You will also see things called “Solo Swaps” where you exchange ads on each other's lists.

Why are Solo Ads so popular?

First, Solo Ads are very popular do to their entry level price points, so this attracts newbies and beginners.

Now the majority of internet marketers are newbies and beginners the average person just dabbles in internet marketing, and never commits to it.

Since a lot of newbies and beginners gravitate towards this topic you will see it gaining a lot of buzz in the online marketing community.

The second interesting thing with Solo Ads is there are a large amount of vendors, it is done business to business.

Unlike advertising on Facebook Ads where you can only buy clicks from Facebook Ads. So you will get many of these venders hyping up Solo Ads.

You will even see venders making Solo Ad products recommending their or their partner's Solo Ads.

Now this doesn't mean their ads are bad quality, but you can see how these factors could make Solo Ads get over hyped fairly easily.

The third reason you see Solo Ads getting a lot of attention is because since it is a new traffic source, you have a lot of gurus creating products and courses for it.

So you will see them talking about how “hot” the traffic source is.

These 3 reasons all combine to generate a lot of hype and buzz around Solo Ads.

Do Solo Ads live up to the hype?

Well, compared to all the hype I see online? I would say they fall a bit short BUT they do work!

The main struggle with Solo Ads is finding a good honest vendor. Vendor can do things like lie about their list size, how they built their list, or send you simply junk clicks.

The thing is, it is hard to tell and protect yourself from these things. There are some sites like SafeSwaps.com where sellers have reviews, which helps, but these sites are far and few in between.

You'll always want to use a unique URL redirect so you can track how many clicks the ad generated.

And understand you will likely have to go through a few bad sellers before you find a good one. So keep testing and don't waste your time calling out sellers, or getting frustrated.

Bottom line, you have to do your homework if you want to dominate any traffic source.
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