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PPV Pop-up Sizes Exposed

Are your PPV pop-ups really 800×600? Nope! Wonder what these pop-ups sizes really look like?

This post will answer all your questions. A must read for any PPV marketer!

I'm going to be cover TrafficVance and LeadImpact pop-ups in this post because they are the only 2 ad networks I recommend using for PPV.


LeadImpact's pop-ups are trigger by software call StrongVault, they also pull traffic from a series of toolbars.

The pop-ups on StrongVault seem to the be smallest, so I based my LP sizing around them.

LeadImpact's StrongVault pop-ups are presented in a 800px by 480px window. Occasionally, I would get an outlier that was a bit bigger, but never smaller.

In my tests LeadImpact's pop-ups popped up in-front of my Internet Explorer browser. Occasionally, I would get an outlier popping behind my bowser, but not often.

The pop-ups have a “Ads by StrongVault. Click to learn more” warning in the bottom.

The viewable area is 775px by 370px. That is what I use as the dimensions for my LeadImpact landing pages.

Take a look at this example LeadImpact StrongVault pop-up.


TrafficVance's pop-ups are presented in a 800×600 window. In all my tests TrafficVance's pop-ups popped up behind my Internet Explorer browser.

The pop-ups have a “Gamevance Ads Click for Info” warning in the bottom left of the pop-up.

Also the viewable area of the pop depends on how many toolbars the user has on their browser. The 800×600 is the total size of the outside edges of the browser.

The smallest viewable area seen in these examples and by me was 775px by 375px. That is what I use as the dimensions for my TrafficVance landing pages.

Take a look at these examples from CPVDen & InsideAffiliate. I have look through handfuls of pops on my own as well, and found these to both be accurate representations.

Moral of story. Always leave extra space!
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