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Plenty of Fish Settings And Bidding Explained

Wondering how we do our bidding on Plenty of Fish? Then this is the guide for you.

I'll go over some POF settings and bidding tactics.

A must read for any Plenty of Fish advertiser.


First, lets cover all the settings found under the Edit Campaign. Click on the “[Edit]” next to your campaign.


Distribution lets you set how Plenty of Fish spends your budget over the day. Either as fast as possible, or distributed evenly through the day.

I always go with “Distribute ASAP”, because when I am testing I always want to get the fastest results possible.

Then when I have a successful campaign, I want to get it the most traffic I can ASAP.   So “Distribute ASAP” is perfect all around.

Frequency Cap

Frequency Cap refers to how many times in one user visit a person will see you ad. I always set this to the minimum 3.

I really see no purpose to show someone my ad over 3 times in one visit. If they didn't click on it the first two times, they probably aren't going to click on it the third.

Value of Conversion

Value of Conversion is where you put how much you will earn after a successful conversion. Unless you are using this in your tracking, you can leave it blank.

Bidding Explained

Plenty of Fish is CPM network with a minimum bid of $0.16, they recommend bidding $0.40 to $0.80.

I start by bidding high, and seeing what converts. Then I lower my bid down after. Bidding high seems to get better quality traffic.  Also it gets you more traffic faster, which is great for saving time testing.

Once I get a campaign converting well, I'll lower the bid accordingly.

I've had successful campaigns at $0.25 bids up to $0.60 bids, it all depends.  So start high, and adjust after.

Good Luck!
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