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My Top Newsletter Tips

Here are my top 10 newsletter tips that help me rock my email & newsletter blasts.

I read a lot about people who are building lists with squeeze pages, so I thought I would share some newsletter gems.

This is the tactics I've used over the years to cash in on my lists.

Please remember to keep in mind your niche and trust your gut. Not all of these tips will work for everything out there, but if you use your head to pick and choose you can end up with a nice gameplan.

The best time

The best time to send out your blast is Tuesdays between 9am and 11am. I even like to make a point of saying something like “Our Tuesday Newsletter” this engrains in people's heads when to be expecting it.

Use a redirect

Use a redirect to your website from another domain in the email. This will help keep your website's URL off blacklists and out of spam filters.

Test a similar variation

When you find a subject line that works, wait a few weeks then test a similar variation of it.

Keep things simple

Keep things simple, the days of long email copy are slowing passing. Depending on your niche you could have a huge percentage of people reading your emails on their smartphones.

I tend keep my emails fairly simple, providing value, and getting to the point.

Tell people where to click

Tell people where to click, I like to use a “CLICK HERE: For a new…”, I also like to put it in bold.

Avoid spam-filters

Avoid spam-filters by checking your emails for sloppy html, this can happen a lot with text-to-html newsletter creators.

Make sure things are formatted correctly

Also regarding these text-to-html newsletter creators… always make sure to send a test email.  Mainly to make sure things are formatted correctly.

Sign up to the top 15 competitors' lists

Sign up to the top 15 competitors' lists for your niche, and see what they are doing.

Use the subscriber's first name

Always use the subscriber's first name in the email subject, first line of the email, and through-out the body.

Add a few line breaks

Add a few line breaks at the end of you email to push down the unsubscribe link a bit.

This makes sure the person finishes reading your email and doesn't jump to the bottom too quickly.

If you're looking for some more subject lines that can help your open rates, check out my split test below. Also as a bonus hint, one thing you should look into testing is celebrity names.

These were geared towards a biz-opp niche, but not too surprisingly the top 6 can be applied to any niche.

These blasts were done weekly on Tuesdays at 12pm CST.
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