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Making $37,502 with Facebook Ads!

Welcome to my Facebook Ads' MEGA GUIDE!

In this guide I will share with you step-by-step how I run my Facebook Ads campaigns.

Facebook Ads is an amazing traffic source with some of the most volume online!

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is the advertising network built into Facebook. It is one of the largest advertising networks online. Only make sense with Facebook being one the of the largest websites online.

This is important because like I say, “Go to the volume.” A successful campaign will only be as big as the people your ad network can reach.

This massive volume turns a $50 day campaign on one Ad Network into a $5,000 day campaign on Facebook Ads.

The second reason Facebook is extremely powerful is its in-depth targeting system. This lets you carve out unique angles on your campaign like never before. Allowing for vast opportunity and creativity.

The Mindset

The first step in reaching success with any Ad Network is getting your mental state correct.

Here is my popular excerpt from my POF Mega Guide on getting in the right head space

“To get good with POF, Bing Ads, PPV, or any traffic source you have to commit yourself to learning it. You need to know it like the back of your hand, better than any of your competition.

Here is the thing, no one guide or eBook can teach you this. Each will teach you some of it, but on your quest of POF domination you must be willing to read different knowledge sources.

Absorb each of the sources to the fullest and be taught conflicting ideas, realizing there is no one right way to do things.

There are multiple ways, and YOU are going to have to use critical discussion making to pick when the correct strategy is appropriate.

You’ll pick and you’ll be wrong, you’ll be wrong more times than you are right. Luckily you only have to be right a few times to make a living in this business.

So don’t worry about failure, its only a failure if you quit. You are not losing money… its just another split test, another learning experience, another day gathering more knowledge and data.

Losing money is never fun, but its part of the game. Remove all your emotions from your money, they’re just some random digits on paper.

Decide how much you are going to test with, and then if you run out, decide how you can get some more.

If you are starting out I would recommend somewhere between $500 to $2,000. It all completely depends on your skill level, but I would defiantly recommend a $500 minimum.

Also assume you are going to lose it all to. All you are going to walk away with is a great learning experience, you can’t get bitter and frustrated over losing money. Its just not how winners play the game.

The big money makers play to win, and keep the big picture in mind.

Alright time for the finer details.

Not Getting Banned & Ad Approvals

Facebook is commonly referred to as an intermediate to advance difficultly level traffic source.

This is mainly because Facebook Ads does not like affiliate and CPA offers. Plus on top of that they already have very strict ad approval guidelines.

Many newbies may spend more of their time trying to get ads approved than learning good marketing techniques.

In this guide I will share many different gems of advice and tips for getting ads approved.

But first thing's first, before you even get started with picking an offer or building a LP, you need to read my Getting Facebook Ads Approved guide.

You will need to keep the concepts and guidelines from that guide in your mind when building your campaign.

Finding an Offer

Nearly any niche can work do to Facebook Ads' in-depth targeting options. But as I said in my Getting Facebook Ads Approved guide…

“When it comes to picking a good offer, I suggest following my baseline guidelines here.

I also like to ask my Affiliate Managers “What offers are doing good volume with Facebook Ads?”

If an offer is doing volume with Facebook Ads this typically means the offer is easier to get approved.  But still use your good judgement.

Yup LOL, that is quite a lot of CPA offers, but by no means all.

Landing Pages & Tracking

I highly suggest using a landing page, a good landing page will only boost your conversions. Many times a landing page is the difference between a campaign making $50 a day or breaking even.

I use 1 of 3 methods to make my landing pages. You can see these 3 methods here, here and here.

Also here is how I make my Squeeze Pages.

Also keep in mind what I said in my Getting Facebook Ads Approved guide…

“Your landing page will need to be held to the same standards your ad is. Any rule listed that applies to your ad image or ad text applies to your landing page and offer as well.

Facebook doesn't talk about it much, but they really dis-like when the sole purpose of your landing page is to collect data.

For this reason they are not the biggest fan of simple squeeze pages. You can get away with them sometimes depending on your niche so it doesn't hurt to test, but if you are declined don't keep re-submitting it.

Re-submitting declined ads is a fast way to get your account banned.

Regarding Direct Linking, Facebook doesn't allow many CPA Networks' URLs so this presents a problem with direct linking.

When it comes to using a redirect this can annoy Facebook as well, since they don't like the URL to change.  Your best bet will probably be iFraming as explained by PeerflyLuke.

But even then it isn't fool proof. Personally, I don't even bother with direct linking on Facebook or almost anywhere, since a good landing page can boost conversions soo much.

Like I just stated when it comes to URLs Facebook doesn't like things to be redirect through a bunch of different URLs causing the URL too change.

This present a problem with tracking, since most marketers' tracking URL is different from their landing page URL.

My work around that seems to keep Facebook happy is installing my tracking on a sub-domain and putting landing pages on my main domain.

Or you could do vise-versa if you tracking is already installed on a root domain, put your landing pages on a sub-domain.

Also when it comes to rotating landing pages, Facebook doesn't like it so I just don't do it, I create separate ads and campaigns.
Remember to setup your landing page/offer so no matter what country the ad staff is viewing it from, they end up at the right target.


Facebook Ads has 7 different ad types sadly most marketers only 1 or 2 of them! Read my full guide on the 7 Facebook Ad Types.

Always split test different Ad Types with your campaigns. Different ones work better for different niches and campaigns.

When it comes to making ads, I always like to see what my competition is doing. My guide here, will show you how to spy on Facebook Ads.

I also have two amazing guides on writing ads. They are PPC geared, but the info in them applies great to Facebook Ads.

If you are interested in running mobile ads read my guide. Even if you do not do mobile advertising read it, since every user needs to know how to toggle mobile traffic to their ads… which is set “ON” by default!

Be sure to turn it off mobiles ads, if you aren't running mobile offers/LPs.

Also read my each of my 5 Facebook Tools, they are fundamental in building great Facebook Ads campaigns:
  1. Facebook Ad Tools: Power Editor
  2. Facebook Ad Tools: Conversion Tracking
  3. Facebook Ad Tools: Reports
  4. Facebook Ad Tools: Partner Categories
  5. Facebook Ad Tools: Conversion Specs
Lastly, again please remember what I said in my Getting Facebook Ads Approved guide, where I breaking down getting ads approved in detail.


Facebook Ads offers 2 different types of bidding styles CPC and CPM. You can see how I approach my bidding in my guide here.

Optimizing Tips

When it comes to optimizing things here are some guidelines I like to follow:
  • Test a least 15+ of ads.
  • Test each ad image for 1-2x the offer's payout. See which ads does best and test more like it.
  • Rotate between a few offers for 100 clicks each before deciding.
  • There is no “standard” CTR to shoot for, every niche is different.
  • There is no “standard” bid to shoot for, every niche is different.
  • If you aren't getting traffic keep raising your bid .05-.10 cents every hour.
  • Look at your conversions' stats and make your targeting tighter based on it. Wait till you get 50+ conversions before any major tweaking.
  • Make good landing pages or mini-websites to send your traffic to. Always split different LPs.

Scaling Tips

Once you have a successful campaign and it is time to scale it up. Here is what I do to scale starting with what I test first.
  1. You can test Plenty of Fish Ads, some campaigns will be easy to transfer over, others not so much. I've had the most luck with dating campaigns.
  2. See if you can bring the campaign to other countries. Look for international offers on your CPA Network.
  3. I will try expanding my campaign to the other 7 Ad Types.
  4. Try broadening aka “opening up” your targeting a little bit.

More Knowledge

When I approach a new Ad Network, I like to get all the knowledge I can on it. It is my goal to master the ad network knowing all it's in-and-outs.

So here are some other Facebook Ad guides of mine you may want to check out:
Some of the best advice I've gotten when it comes to affiliate marketing is “go to the volume!”

That is exactly what this list can help you do.

You'll be able to refine your Facebook targeting and hit the biggest cities:
New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Dallas, San Diego, San Jose, Detroit, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Austin, Columbus, Fort Worth, Charlotte, Memphis, Baltimore, Boston, El Paso, Milwaukee, Denver, Seattle, Nashville, Washington, Las Vegas, Portland, Louisville, Oklahoma City, Tucson, Atlanta, Albuquerque, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Mesa, Omaha, Cleveland, Virginia Beach, Miami, Oakland, Raleigh, Tulsa, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs, Honolulu, Arlington, Wichita, Saint Louis, Tampa, Santa Ana, New Orleans, Anaheim, Cincinnati, Bakersfield, Aurora, Pittsburgh, Riverside, Toledo, Stockton, Corpus Christi, Lexington, Saint Paul, Anchorage, Newark, Buffalo, Plano, Henderson, Lincoln, Fort Wayne, Glendale, Greensboro, Chandler, Saint Petersburg, Jersey City, Scottsdale, Norfolk, Madison, Orlando, Birmingham, Baton Rouge, Durham, Laredo, Lubbock, Chesapeake, Chula Vista, Garland, Winston-Salem, North Las Vegas, Reno, Gilbert, Hialeah, Akron, Irvine, Rochester, Boise, Modesto, Fremont, Montgomery, Spokane, Richmond, Yonkers, Irving, Shreveport, San Bernardino, Tacoma, Des Moines, Grand Rapids, Huntington Beach, Mobile, Moreno Valley, Little Rock, Amarillo, Oxnard, Fontana, Knoxville, Fort Lauderdale, Worcester, Salt Lake City, Newport News, Huntsville, Tempe, Brownsville, Fayetteville, Tallahassee, Ontario, Providence, Overland Park, Rancho Cucamonga, Chattanooga, Oceanside, Santa Clarita, Garden Grove, Vancouver, Grand Prairie, Peoria, Rockford, Cape Coral, Santa Rosa, Sioux Falls, Port Saint Lucie, Dayton, Salem, Pomona, Springfield, Eugene, Corona, Pasadena, Joliet, Pembroke Pines, Paterson, Hampton, Lancaster, Alexandria, Salinas, Palmdale, Naperville, Kansas City, Hayward, Hollywood, Lakewood, Torrance, Syracuse, Escondido, Fort Collins, Bridgeport, Orange, Warren, Elk Grove, Savannah, Mesquite, Sunnyvale, Fullerton, McAllen, Cary, Cedar Rapids, Sterling Heights, Columbia, Coral Springs, Carrollton, Elizabeth, Hartford, Waco, Bellevue, New Haven, West Valley City, Topeka, Thousand Oaks, El Monte, Independence, McKinney, Concord, Visalia, Simi Valley, Olathe, Clarksville, Denton, Stamford, Provo, Killeen, Abilene, Evansville, Gainesville, Vallejo, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Lafayette, Thornton, Flint, Inglewood, Roseville, Charleston, Beaumont, Victorville, Santa Clara, Costa Mesa, Miami Gardens, Manchester, Miramar, Downey, Arvada, Allentown, Westminster, Waterbury, Norman, Midland, Elgin, West Covina, Clearwater, Cambridge, Pueblo, West Jordan, Round Rock, Billings, Erie, South Bend, Fairfield, Lowell, Norwalk, Burbank, Pompano Beach, High Point, Murfreesboro, Lewisville, Richardson, Daly City, Berkeley, Gresham, Wichita Falls, Green Bay, Davenport, Palm Bay, Portsmouth, Antioch, Wilmington


One last point I would like to make… Facebook is constantly changing. It is something you need to pay attention to as an internet marketer.

I share all Facebook news in my weekly news post. And like all my guides, I will be continually updating this guide as changes happen to Facebook.

My 2 main sources of Facebook News are Facebook’s Blog and InsideFacebook.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below in the comments!

So How I Made $37502 With Facebook Ads?

I was running a Biz-Opp offer with a landing page, and after a lot of testing of demographics and ad copy, I was able to get under 10 cent clicks.
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