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I Made $100/Day with Gaming Offers

I've always struggled with gaming offers. I used to think, “Why would some internet savvy kid sign-up for another MMORPG?”  Then I finally cracked it.

I'll show you the angle I started using in my ad copy that got these things converting like wildfire.

Picking An Offer

When it comes to gaming offers first thing's first, stay away from pay per download and pay per install. They're both finicky as hell.

I've never had any luck getting them to convert consistently. If for some reason they're your forte, more power to you my friend.

But if you're just staring out I suggest going with Gaming CPL offers.  (That's pay per lead.)

I'll usually pick whatever offers I think will work best for the 15 to 30 year old male gaming demographic.

I'll try to split test 3 different offers for starters.

My Tricks

– This was huge for me, build your pitch around offering a beta tester position. I'll use phrases like “Private Beta Release”, “Want to be a Beta-Tester?”, and “Beta-Testers Needed.”

– I generally test two different styles of landing pages. First, a LP looking very similar to the offer's own theme.

Second, an email squeeze page stating something like “Video Game Beta-Testing Jobs!” This approach works great because you can hype up the offer(s), and build an email list at the same time.

– Put some hot chicks on the ads and landing pages. This should be pretty obvious by now.

Final Thoughts

I've had the most success with gaming offers on Facebook, PPV, Youtube Traffic, and Forum Traffic.

Facebook is kind of a pain to work with, but you can target users nicely and there is a lot of volume.

PPV is good as well, just be smart when picking your URLs because there are a lot of casual gamers on sites like TrafficVance.

Youtube Traffic, and Forum Traffic can work great since they are free methods. I mean the users did install the GameVance toolbar.

Well that's all for now, good luck!
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