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How to Spy on Facebook Ads

Today, I wanted to share a simple trick for spying on Facebook Ads. If you're a Facebook advertiser this is a must know.

Here is how its done:

1. Create a Facebook account in the demographic you're looking to target.

2. You'll need your IP to be in the targeting location as well. Finding a simple proxy to do the trick if you're in need usually isn't too hard.

You have to do this because Facebook shows geo-related ads based on your IP, not the location listed in your profile.

3. Once you login to Facebook go to facebook adboard, it lists all the ads showing to your account.

You can refresh the page and it will update. You also can choose from “Sponsored Stories”, I'll spot sneaky affiliates in there many times.

This is a need to know tip. I use it lots of time on my own Facebook just to get ideas and to be inspired. Good Luck!
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