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How I Made $30,000 with PPV!

PPV is a cash machine. PPV companies love affiliates! So we don't have to worry about ads being denied or getting our accounts banned!

In this guide I'm going to share exactly how I've made well over $30,000 from PPV marketing.

What is PPV?

Pay Per View (PPV) is traffic generated from a pop-up, pop-over, or pop-behind. It is sometimes also called Cost Per View (CPV). PPV is considered contextual advertising.

In PPV you pay the PPV Ad Network typically per impression. Pricing generally starts at a bit over .01 per pop.

There are 3 main types of PPV pops:
  1. Pop-Ups – When a new browser window pops opens in front of your current browser.
  2. Pop-Overs – When an ad is displayed over your current website in the same browser window. Usually forcing you to wait X amount of seconds, then allowing you to press something like “Skip” in the upper right corner.
  3. Pop-Unders – A pop-up that appears behind the browser instead of in front.

PPV Networks

The great thing about using PPV is these PPV Networks LOVE affiliates. So you don't have to worry about getting banned or wasting time struggling with ad approvals.
Also the top PPV Networks require an upfront deposit. This deposit goes towards your advertising. This is really a great thing because it helps keep newbies off and competition low.

I only use 2 major PPV networks LeadImpact and TrafficVance.

How both TrafficVance and LeadImpacts works is they trigger pops on user's web browsers who install their toolbars.


LeadImpact costs $1,000 up-front to join with no referral needed. LeadImpact serves pop-ups. You can bid on keywords or URLs.

When you bid on keywords in LeadImpact it triggers the pop-up when the user searches for that keyword. When you bid on URLs they trigger the pop-up when the user visits the URL.

For more info an LeadImpact watch their slide show here.


TrafficVance costs $1,000 up-front to join and requires a referral. The best place to get one is via your Affiliate Manager.

TrafficVance serves pop-unders. You can bid on keywords or URLs. Unlike LeadImpact, when you bid on keywords on TrafficVance it shows your ad via text in-line advertisements.

When you bid on URLs they trigger the pop-under when the user visits the URL.

Another commonly mentioned PPV source is AdOn Network, personally I don't use them but have heard some good things.

Don't be afraid to test out other networks, but be warned there are a lot of junk/fake traffic PPV Ad Networks out there. So be careful.

TrafficVance has better quality, but LeadImpact more international traffic. TrafficVance is harder to get an account on.

Like I said above the best place to get a referral is your from your affiliate manager.

The Mindset

The first step in reaching success with any Ad Network is getting your mental state correct.

To get good with POF, Bing Ads, PPV, or any traffic source you have to commit yourself to learning it. You need to know it like the back of your hand, better than any of your competition.
Here is the thing, no one guide or eBook can teach you this. Each will teach you some of it, but on your quest of POF domination you must be willing to read different knowledge sources.

Absorb each of the sources to the fullest and be taught conflicting ideas, realizing there is no one right way to do things.

There are multiple ways, and YOU are going to have to use critical discussion making to pick when the correct strategy is appropriate.

You’ll pick and you’ll be wrong, you’ll be wrong more times than you are right. Luckily you only have to be right a few times to make a living in this business.

So don’t worry about failure, its only a failure if you quit. You are not losing money… its just another split test, another learning experience, another day gathering more knowledge and data.

Losing money is never fun, but its part of the game. Remove all your emotions from your money, they’re just some random digits on paper.

Decide how much you are going to test with, and then if you run out, decide how you can get some more.

If you are starting out I would recommend somewhere between $500 to $2,000. It all completely depends on your skill level, but I would defiantly recommend a $500 minimum.

Also assume you are going to lose it all to. All you are going to walk away with is a great learning experience, you can’t get bitter and frustrated over losing money. Its just not how winners play the game.

The big money makers play to win, and keep the big picture in mind.

Alright time for the finer details.

Hosting & Tracking

When it comes to PPV hosting a VPS server with Solid State Drive storage is a must!

VPS's with SDD storage load 3x faster than regular VPS servers. And 10x faster than a standard shared/basic server.

Why is this important? Because with PPV you are going to have a lot of people loading your landing page fast and over a short period of time.

If your server can't handle it, it is going to mess up tracking and causes your conversions to tanks.

It even hurts conversions. When using a VPS server with SSD storage, it increased conversions by 2x on a Plenty of Fish campaign originally using shared hosting. PPV is MUCH more server intensive do to all your pop-ups.

Now for PPV tracking. Unfortunately, the very popular free Prosper202/Tracking202 will not do. It has a ton of hiccups and errors when trying to do tracking via PPV. Plus, it really slows down landing pages' load times.

When it comes to tracking PPV you have 1 of 3 options:
  • Get CPVLab the top CPA/Affiliate tracking service online.
  • Learn to use free Sub-ID tracking. I've made a nice guide on it here. Then, make sure you read guide on passing Sud-IDs as PHP variables. You'll need this to track landing pages. Lastly read my guide on PPV variables tracking.
  • The third and final way only works if you are using LeadImpact and Peerfly. Peerfly Luke had a program put together that tracks Peerfly offers in LeadImpact with Sub-Ids automatically.

PPV Network Settings

Another reason why PPV is good for beginners, unlike most other traffic sources it has very simple settings to manage and understand.

LeadImpact is pretty straight forward just read everything when you are creating your campaign.

TrafficVance has two options worth paying attention to. “Max Visitors Per Day” maybe a big confusing, but I just set it to a very high number. “Individual User Cap”, is how often the user could possibly see your ad.

I usually keep this at 24 hours when testing, and if a campaign is successful and I am looking for more traffic I will bump it higher.

Also remember to pause your campaigns at night when testing. Offers really tend to not convert as well at night.

Finding an Offer

PPV is a great traffic source because literarily ANY offer can work. I've had success with $1 Email Submits, all the way to Click Bank products.

So don't worry to much, I would just suggest starting with a CPA offers over $4, read my guide on picking offers.

Landing Pages

When it comes to making a successful PPV campaign the creativity and quality of the landing page is the really the part the makes or breaks the campaign.

With PPV… anyone can setup tracking, anyone can figure out the settings, anyone can finds some good URLs, anyone can find a good offer, BUT not many people can make a unique landing page that is eye-catching and creativity pitches the offer.

The key thing to remember with PPV is your landing page is also your ad! So be sure test at least 5 landing pages per campaign. Think about it, with POF you would test well over 10 ads.

Make sure your landing page fits within the pop's window size, otherwise the user's will have to scroll to see your whole page. This isn't good since most people do not take the time to do so.

If you need help editing or building your own landing pages, read my 3 methods on Making Landing Pages here, here, and here.

For offers that require a bit more of a stronger pitch/sale, I'll use two landing pages. The first one to get the visitor's attention and the second one to take sometime and pitch them the full offer.

Lastly, as always feel free to check out our Scripts section for any good tricks you can implement onto your landing pages. One of my personal favorites for PPV is jQuery!

PPV Bidding & Testing

When it comes to bidding, I always go for the number 1 spot when starting off. This lets you test things fast with the best quality traffic.

You definitely need to watch out for being out bided and bidding wars.

There is not much you do other than keep and eye out for them.

When it comes to testing, test each offer for 1 to 1.5 times the offer's payout for EACH URL or keyword.

So if an offer's payout is $10, test each URL or Keyword in the campaign for $10 to $15.

Check in your tracking to see if any keywords/URL converted, pause the ones that didn't or make some changes and test again. You may want to change and test a new landing page or offer for example.

I use this as a very last ditch effort, if I am getting some conversions and can't get past breaking even.

Lower your bids out of the number 1 spot, to the point you can start turning a profit, but not too low enough to not get traffic.

Scaling Tips

Here are my favorite scaling tips once you have found a successful campaign.
  1. Use these tricks here to find keywords for TrafficVance.
  2. Raise the “Max Visitors Per Day” and “Individual User Cap” settings if you're using TrafficVance.
  3. If you are not running your campaigns at night like I suggested for testing, test running it at night for a traffic boost.
  4. Try expanding you campaign to another country on your PPV Network.
  5. Test your campaign on another PPV Network.
  6. Turn your landing page into a squeeze page, and start build an email list and selling them multiple offers over time.


If you've reached this point and have read all the linked guides I shared, while hopefully taking some notes, you are going to be in an amazing position to start rocking PPV.

Now go get to work! Dedicated yourself to reaching success! There is no other option! :)

So How I Made $30,000 with PPV?

How did I hit the $30,000+ with PPV? I was running a Biz-Opp offer targeting a bunch of job sites. I had a 2 part landing page pop-up, 1 page to capture the users attention and 1 page to sell them on the CPA offer.

I started the campaign on TrafficVance and then scaled it to LeadImpact.
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