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How I Made $2,500 a Month on eBay!

Since I’ve been a kid, I’ve been pulling a solid 2.5k+ a month flipping items on eBay. Now its unlikely you’re going to make millions.

But you can defiantly stack some nice side cash for affiliate marketing if your starting out!

Finding the Goods

First I will start by looking over a wholesale site for items I can resell.  My advice is stick with what you now.

Personally I have a history of selling a lot of headphones, cellphones, and clothing.  Simply put, they're what I know.

The concept is simple: buy for less, than sell for more. Here are my wholesale sites listed in order from my most used to least used:
  1. iOffer.com
  2. Liquidation.com
  3. Made-in-China.com
So I start by searching around iOffer and Liquidation.com. I find an item(s) that looks promising, then I go over to eBay.

On eBay I search for the item with “Completed listings” checked. This way I can see what the item sells for on average.

“Completed listings” is an option that shows only auctions that have already ended and their closing prices. The option is located a little bit down the left sidebar, you must be logged into eBay to use it.

The main things I pay attention to when deciding if the item could be a good product to resell is:
  • How fast does this item sell on eBay… 1 per day, 1 per week, 3 per hour ect?
  • How much profit can I turn?  I take into account the time packaging, eBay fees, and shipping costs.
Here where my best finds, Polos on iOffers.

and completed on ebay:

How about these tablets?

Getting the Goods

Now some things to pay attention to when making a purchase from these sites are:
  1. Do they take Pay Pal? Pay Pal is the safest form of payment for the buyer online. Stay away from wires, and money transfers.
  2. How is the seller’s feedback on the site?
  3. What country is the seller located in?
  4. What kind of bulk discounts do they offer?
  5. Can they send me a sample?
  6. Avoid big name items like Apple, Gucci, ect… They have the highest likelihood of being sold by scam-y sellers.
  7. How can I check to see if the product is counter-fit?  But MORE IMPORTANTLY will the buyers care if the product is counter-fit. The other day I purchased some UnderArmor gym shorts on eBay. I think they might be fakes, but they are top-notch quality. So do I really care enough to complain? Probably not.
Selling the Goods

Now I tend to sell all my merchandise on eBay. But I have friends that are having killer success on Craigslist.  It all depends on your product.

Here my best selling tricks:
  • Create a sexy looking sales page.
  • Write a clean eye-grabbing title with solid keywords.
  • Use “Free Shipping” then make up for it in the price.  It draws your listing more attention.
  • Use eBay’s “Bold” feature on the title.  Its defiantly worth it.
  • Make sure your shipping process is as quick as possible, your time is more valuable. Even outsource it to a friend or someone looking for a part-time job.
Other than that keep testing things. See what styles of auctions work best for your items; is it Buy-It-Nows, Bulk Listings, Starting them at .99, ect.

Final Words

So if you are struggling with online marketing more than your orginally planned but are not a quitter, and just need some side income, I highly suggest looking into flipping goods on eBay.

It's a lot easier than most people think.
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