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Have a Massive E-Mail List? What to do…

Many newbies have massive e-mail lists and have no idea how to use them.

In this guide I'll show you 4 methods of emailing list that you inherited, was given, bought, or had lying around on your computer for a long time… that is currently NOT in an Auto Responder.

Just a warning this guide will not teach you have how to spam some scrapped or stolen list.

If that is the type of list you have my best advice is to just delete it off you computer. It is more than likely illegal to have.

Now, if you are looking email a list you have legally acquired that isn't in Auto Responder here are my 4 favorite methods.

No one method is better than the other in this case, you'll have to decide which fits your personal list and niche the best.

Import The List

You can try importing your list into an Auto Responder. aWeber allows you to only import 500 emails per day, and they all have to re-opt in.

Different Auto Responders have different rules that typically are similar to these.

These rules are constantly changing, so what I recommend doing is searching for a few Auto Responders and giving them all a call and writing down their list importing policies.

Then once you have put together a good list, pick the best to test.

Having your list re-opt in can be frustrating, but I look at it this way. If you can not get the user willing to re-opt in to your list, what are the odds you'll be able to sell to that user anyway.

ReTargeting via Facebook Ads

Now this method is great and very very underused by Internet Marketers.

What you can do use import your list into Facebook Ads, and create advertisements that only show to the corresponding emails' Facebook accounts. This can yield some very high CTRs.

Say your list's niche is people looking to buy a car, you could try advertising different auto offers.

Making the Facebook advertisement title say something like “Looking to Buy a Car?” See how this could be very powerful?

See my guide that covers Facebook Custom Audiences aka ReTargeting Emails via Facebook Ads.


If you are good at networking online and connecting with the right people you maybe to sell your list.

Some people will be better at this than others, but there is never an excuse for not giving it a good effort! Worst case it is a learning experience.

Find a Partner

If you have a good quality list you can look for someone more experienced in email marketing to team up with you.

Sounds fairly hard to do, but this actually one of the easier methods. I would just recommend making a post on an internet marketing forum and trying to link up with respected member.

I hope that helps, try testing a few methods, never limit yourself to just one!
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