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Getting Facebook Ads Approved!

I proudly present to you, the largest and most complete guide on getting Facebook Ads approved!

I break down the infamous struggle into painstaking detail. :). This is a MUST READ for anyone using Facebook Ads.

Let everyone be warned: Facebook Ads isn't a traffic source I recommend to complete newbies.

Since you may spend a lot more time learning how to get ads approved instead of learning marketing fundamentals.

Keeping Your Account in Good Standing

First thing is first, before even worrying about submitting ads you need to make sure your account is in good standing.

First, DO NOT use coupons. Like many Ad Networks Facebook is much stricter on advertisers that use coupons, and there is a lot fake/stolen coupons out there. Stay away form coupons.

Take a second to go to the Facebook's Ad Manager, next go to the toolbar on the left side, and go to “Billing” -> “Funding Source”.  Make sure all your payment info is correct and updated.

Next, go to “Settings” and make sure all your personal info is pristine.

Picking Offers

When it comes to picking a good offer, I suggest following my baseline guidelines.

I also like to ask my Affiliate Managers “What offers are doing good volume with Facebook Ads?”

If an offer is doing volume with Facebook Ads this typically means the offer is easier to get approved. But still use your good judgement.

Facebook hates all these offers; toolbars/downloads/installs, adult products, dating*, MLM, shady trial or re-bills, contest email submit, e-Cigs, pay day loans or cash in advance, shady penny auctions, and shady biz-ops.

* You can run dating if the dating network is approved by Facebook Ads and you are approved by the dating network. So pretend FunDate is an online dating company, first FunDate will have to get approved by Facebook for their ads to show. Second, FunDate will have to submit your Facebook Account ID to Facebook, and they will be held responsible for all your ads. So if you start posting inappropriate photos with cleavage… FunDate and you will both be banned.

So dating networks like FunDate will be very strict with who they approve as affiliates, and likely will only approve proven dating affiliates.

Yup LOL, that is quite a lot of CPA offers, but by no means all of them.

Creating Landing Pages

Your landing page will need to be held to the same standards your ad is.  Any rule listed that applies to your ad image or ad text applies to your landing page and offer as well.

Facebook doesn't talk about it much, but they really dis-like when the sole purpose of your landing page is to collect data.

For this reason they are not the biggest fan of simple squeeze pages. You can get away with them sometimes depending on your niche so it doesn't hurt to test, but if you are declined don't keep re-submitting it.

Re-submitting declined ads is a fast way to get your account banned.

Regarding Direct Linking, Facebook doesn't allow many CPA Networks' URLs so this presents a problem with direct linking.

When it comes to using a redirect this can annoy Facebook as well, since they don't like the URL to change. Your best bet will probably be iFraming as explained by PeerflyLuke here.

But even then it isn't fool proof.  Personally, I don't even bother with direct linking on Facebook or almost anywhere, since a good landing page can boost conversions soo much.

Like I just stated when it comes to URLs Facebook doesn't like things to be redirect through a bunch of different URLs causing the URL too change.

This present a problem with tracking, since most marketers' tracking URL is different from their landing page URL.

My work around that seems to keep Facebook happy is installing my tracking on a sub-domain and putting landing pages on my main domain.

Or you could do vise-versa if you tracking is already installed on a root domain, put your landing pages on a sub-domain.

Facebook Ads does LOVE Fanpages.  Go here, here, and here to see my 3 methods for ROCKING Facebook Ads with Fanpages. They MUST reads for any advertiser.

Also when it comes to rotating landing pages, Facebook doesn't like it so I just don't do it, I create separate ads and campaigns.

Remember to setup your landing page/offer so no matter what country the ad staff is viewing it from, they end up at the right target.

Creating Ads

When creating your ads it is important your follow Facebook's Ad Guidelines exactly. Otherwise you'll run the risk of getting your account banned.

Also remember just because your ad is initially approved does not mean it can't be retro-actively banned.

What to do if your Ad is Declined?

First, I would suggest double checking over the rules and making sure you are following everything exactly.

If you are still not sure you can submit an inquiry to Facebook.

I highly suggest AGAINST re-submitting the same ad more than once. Make a noticeable change to it, and then try again.

Re-submitting the same or similar ads is one of the things that will get you quickly banned from Facebook Ads.

Also please note Facebook appears to be quicker to ban and sticker on new accounts.

My Final Thoughts

Facebook is constantly changing, so always be on the look out for rule changes. As the rules are changed and updated, I will be updating them here in this guide as well.

Facebook is not the easiest ad network to work with, but the volume is incredible.

If you have any insights or info on topics that I have missed or over looked please feel free to share in the comments.
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