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Free Traffic Method #5 – Youtube

Want to rank your Youtube videos on Google? In this free traffic method I will show you how.

This works great when combined with original Youtube method here on dominating Youtube niches.

Picking Keywords to Target!

This is a great strategy, I read it a long time ago online and it still works great:
  1. Go to Googles Keyword Planner tool, this tool will replace Google's Keyword Tool shortly.
  2. Click “Search for keyword and ad group ideas”, enter your keyword into “Your product or service” field, and hit the “Get Ideas” button. Then press the “Keyword ideas” tab, then click the pencil tool icon located in the upper right corner of the results list, and select “Exact match.”
    Now search for some keywords you would be interested in targeting. Write down the keyword and their “Avg. Monthly Searches” for each. Keywords with more searches are clearly better, since they have more volume. I like to make a list of 20 keywords and their “Avg. Monthly Searches” for starters.
  3. Next go to Youtube, and search for each keyword from your list in quotes. (It is important to make sure it is in quotes when you search it.) Then for each keyword write down the “About #### results” number found in the upper right corner of the Youtube search results. If the number is over 75,000 you can toss out the keyword right now.
  4. Lastly, search every keyword of yours in Google. (Don't put them in quotes.) If the search results show Youtube videos on the first page put a checkmark next to the keyword.
  5. Now, it is time to pick the keywords for you to try and rank for in your Youtube videos. First, remove any keyword that doesn't have a checkmark. Next, remove any keyword that their “About #### results” is greater than their “Avg. Monthly Searches.”
Now this doesn't mean you will automatically rank for these keywords, but you'll have a much much better chance.

SEOing the Youtube Video

This is how I go about SEOing my Youtube videos:
  • Have good title. You can use your keyword multiple times in the title. (You currently don't get penalized for this, but feel free to test. Things can always change.) Sometimes I like to make 2 similar videos with unique video & description content and split test titles to see which on ranks better. For example I may test “ADSENSE SCAM: Is Adsense a Scam?” vs. “Is Google Adsense a Scam?” I like to do this frequently to see how Google is reacting to things like capital lettering, and double keywords. Clearly, you need to do multiple tests before drawing a conclusion.
  • Make your video over 2 minutes, and make sure it answers the question in the title and delivers value. This will help ensure you get good likes.
  • Always encourage people to like, comment, and subscribe. But do it in a unique way since most people hear it so much. Saying something as simple as “Did this video answer your question? If so please press the like button” will help get you more likes.
  • For the video description have a 500 word description of the video featuring your keyword. Then place this description text a few line below your call to action and link. Since you want this call to action and link to be able to be seen by the viewers without having to hit the “show more” button on the video's Youtube page.
  • Make sure the Category is correct.
  • Add a bunch of relevant tags, including variations of your keyword.
  • Make sure you pick an eye catching default video preview image. Pictures of people work good.
  • Add the closed captioning, it should include your keyword a decent amount, so make sure it is being said in your video.


This is a pretty simple, straight-forward way find good keywords, and get your Youtube videos ranked on Google.

This works AMAZING when combined with original Youtube Method.

Give it a try if you are looking for a good free traffic method. Good Luck!
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