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Free Traffic Method #1 – Forum Traffic

Today, I spent some time making some updates and tweaks this free traffic guide. Check them out.

I'm going to start breaking down free traffic methods, starting with forum traffic.

Forum and message board traffic is a great way to get target users to your site or offer.

In this 8 step guide I'll cover all your need to know to get started bringing in the traffic. Beginning with the basics and then moving to the more advance gems.

Find a forum or message board that fits your niche

Nearly every niche to micro-niche in the world has a decent sized forum or message board with avid readers. I always try to stick to niches I know.

The best way to get traffic is with your signature

If a forum doesn't allow signatures, I ussally move on. Make sure you read the forum rules, otherwise your account/IP almost always will get banned.

Moderators are always strict about signature and some have ridculous rules. But hey you have to play by the rules to play the game.

Also do some digging when looking for a forum find a few to test. That is the best way.

The signature should be something catchy similar to a good advertisement

Make sure if they allow images you use them, and always try to make things stand out as much as you can without offending anyone. Also always be rotating banners to avoid banner blindness.

Always mind your post quality

It never matters how many posts you make, its the quality ones that get you the clicks. Don't believe me watch your tracking.

Setup tracking

I ussally use google analytics, and setup goals to track my conversions.

Build a good brand

You'll get a lot of user that'll visit your links a few times before taking action, so building a good brand is vital.

Get a good avatar, good username, and a good domain name.

Be available

Be available to the users on Skype, Twitter, ect. Everyone loves talking to a real person.

Have a good landing page or squeeze page

Most of the time I feel an email squeeze page is the best route. Grab the user's email, hit them with a few free guides, and then send them the offer of your choice. Really give them value.

I like to do 2 e-mails in a row (in 2 days) providing a lot of value, then on the 3rd day pitch the CPA product.

Your approach to email follow ups all depends on your offer/product, but that is my standard approach. Check out these guides here on email list building for a lots of tips.

Any other questions post them below, and be on the look out for more free traffic posts!
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