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Facebook Ad Tools: Reports

Facebook Ad Reports is the third of 5 Facebook Ad Tools.

It is by far the most powerful and most refined tool.

In this simple guide I'm going to show you how to take full advantage of it, and explain how I use Facebook Ad Reports.


Facebook Ads' Reports is found on the left sidebar of your main Facebook Ad page.

These reports have been recently updated by Facebook and are providing more information than ever.

These Reports let you compare the performance of your ads based on things like age, gender, country, location, placement, Cost Per Page Like, Cost Per Link Click, Cost Per Share, and more!

Sounds useful? It is.

Why? Because being able to see this data really lets you cut down on split testing, since you'll be able to see how different genders, countries, ect., preformed.

Bottom line using Facebook Ads' Reports is a must use tool for any internet marketer. Play around with it a bit today, and you'll see what I mean.
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