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Facebook Ad Tools: Power Editor

Today, I wanted to give a brief overview of 1 of the 5 major Facebook Ad tools, the Power Editor.

I'll share it's benefits and my thoughts. Lets get started.

Power Editor

The Power Editor is designed for mass editing and managing of Facebook ads. The tool was originally only given to large buyers, but is now accessible by everyone.

It is found in the left side panel of your Facebook Ad's home screen. This is a great tool, it makes managing things much faster on Facebook ads.

Three great tool only found in the Power Editor are:

Partner Categories

Which I explain in depth here.

Dark/Unpublished Posts

Lets you promote Facebook Fanpage posts and shares in the newsfeed, that were never posted/shared on  your Fanpage.

First make a campaign, go to the drop down in the upper left, and select “Manage Pages”. Then “Create Post”, and you should create an Unpublished Post.

Select it, hit “Promote”, and then lastly select your account and campaign.

Saved Audiences

Lets your recall targeting setting from a click of button. It is located in the “Create Audience” drop down.

Mobile Targeting

You can only control mobile targeting and traffic in the Power Editor. See my guide on it here.

It lets you re-call old ad images quickly and navigate things a little better. The big difference for me is the ad uploader, where you can upload ads from an excel spread sheet.

Click the “Options” button, and select “Bulk Sheet Template” to get the template.

One thing to remember is after you make changes in the Power Editor you need to hit the “Upload” button for them to take effect.

One main down fall is the Power Editor can be glitchy at times, it was originally designed for Google Chrome only, but now works on all browsers.

So if you are experiencing any errors try switching back to Google Chrome.

Overall I highly recommend giving the Power Editor a try.
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