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Facebook Ad Tools: Partner Categories

I just remembered my 4th and (hopefully) final Facebook Ad Tool. It is Partner Categories.

This is another MUST use tool. I'll explain all about it in detail inside.

Before we start, be sure you have checked out my first three posts in this series here, here, and here.

Partner Categories

Facebook Ad's Partner Categories is located in your Power Editor. When you are creating or editing an ad you can go under “Audience” and you'll see an option for “Partner Categories.”

This is another tool not found in Facebook's Self-Serve Ad Creation Tool, its only found in the Power Editor.

With the Self-Server Ad Creation Tool you can only target by “Broad Interests”, which has been diluted a lot over the years, and lets be honest when was the last time you updated your Facebook page's Interests?

So needless to say its not the most accurate form of targeting.

Partner Categories lets you target with data from Acxiom, Datalogix and/or Epsilon. You can target by things such as income levels, purchase histories, and more.

What is Acxiom, Datalogix and Epsilon? Major data collection agencies. (Google them for info.)

How good does it work? Well it depends on your campaign, but I HIGHLY suggest split testing your campaigns.

Create one version of your campaign with “Broad Interests” targeting and one with “Partner Categories.”
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