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CPA VS ClickBank – The Pros and Cons of Each

What is better CPA or ClickBank offers? Well, that depends on a handful of factors.

But with that being side you know need to know the ups and downs of each.

ClickBank can be very powerful tool when correctly used.


  1. The top offers convert like FIRE!
  2. Generally the payout percentages are better than ClickBank.
  3. Weekly wire payments are available, if you're making enough. If not monthly payments are typical.
  4. You, typically still get paid on refunds with CPA offers.
  5. Better for demographic targeting and angles.
Since you need to make your own landing page with CPA most times. And with Clickbank offers' stock landing pages, they make the pitch process too long to use your own landing page.

  1. You need to know how to build landing pages.
  2.  Some offers are scam-y.
  3. CPA Networks are harder to get on, and some offers need approval.
  4. Rarely, but at times you can run into payments issues with CPA Networks.


  • Anyone can get approved to be an affiliate on ClickBank.
  • ClickBank can be great for small random niches.
  • ClickBank has offers available that make residual payments. This can really be awesome.
  • Most all top offers on ClickBank have pre-built Landing Pages.
  • ClickBank is great for email lists, where you can brand the offer over time.
  • You don't have to worry about your offer being pulled.
  • ClickBank is always on time with your payments.
  • ClickBank is all straight sale offers that have higher price points compared to CPA. So they don't convert as easily as CPA offers, and this also makes them cost more money to test.
  • There are lots of bad offers to sift through / test. (Not a major issue if you know how to search ClickBank properly, since the details of the offer's history across the network is much clearer than CPA Networks.
  • ClickBank's payment process is slow, 90 days.
  • You will get commissions removed on refunds. So you have to plan for this ahead of time.
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