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$550 / Month with Residual Offers

I make $550 a month off passive residual affiliate commissions. Offers owners pay me my % share of what they bill my leads every month.

In this guide I'll show you how to get $550/month with residual offer!

What is Residual Commission?

Residual commission can be found on offers that sign your lead up to a service/product that bills monthly.

Let say hosting. HostGator makes $12.99 a month off a lead you refer them. But instead giving you a percentage of that $12.99 every month, they pay you $50 up front. Then nothing after.

Now wouldn't it be nicer if you got paid a percentage of that $12.99 every month?

Yes, especially if you have quality leads. You'll have the opportunity to build something long term.

Where Can I Find Residual Affiliate Programs?

To find residual paying affiliate programs you are going to have to do a little digging. Here are my favorites spots:

Hosting Companies

Hosting can have a lot of great residual affiliate programs. You'll have to do some digging, and make sure you look into the companies reputation, but they are out there.

Newsletters Companies

Companies that store email lists are another great choice. Once a costumer has a bunch of emails in his email list, its pretty unlikely he's going to cancel. AWeber has a great program btw.


ClinkBank is another sweet spot for building a really stable residual affiliate income. I've seen finical offers paying $75+ a month in commissions for memberships.

Also make sure the company is a stable reputable business, you don't want to build a nice monthly income stream and then poof it disappears.

That is why I like AWeber and ClickBank. They aren't going anywhere.

Final Thoughts

One final tip I would like to point out about residual incomes is your lead quality matters BIG time. You don't want people canceling the month after you sign them up.

Make sure your leads are coming from a reputable source.

Good luck! Any questions post them below.
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