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25+ CTR Tricks for PPV Landing Pages

Here are some killer CTR tricks to sky-rocket your PPV Landing Pages' CTRs.

Whenever I need ideas to break a campaign out of the red, I always run through this list.

First, before you even start to go through this list make sure you have read our Ultimate PPV Checklist, it will solve the majority of your CTR issues.

After you've done that, come back and check out this list for more ideas.

Test a color background

They can help grab people's eyes surprisingly well.

Have your main image changing via an animated GIF

If you don't know how to make an animated GIF see our post on fast free animated GIF makers.

Use a countdown timer

Use exclusive calls to action “Only 5 Spots Left!”

Try an auto-playing audio or video

See this post on making custom audio.

Use the text “Click Here”

For example “CLICK HERE: To Reserve a Spot for Free!”

Use flashing Arrows

Use flashing arrows to direct attention via jquery or animated GIF.

Use flashing image boarders

Use flashing image boarders to direct attention via jquery or animated GIF.

Use contrasting colors

To create more of a popping effect.  Check out this color wheel guide.

Incorporate a picture of a very nice girl; this never gets old

The best part is there are little to no restrictions with PPV unlike Facebook and other ad networks.

Incorporate a picture of a celebrity or someone very socially relevant

Make sure they are relevant right now.  Instead of a random picture of Brittany Spears, I would use something to do with Kim Kardashian & Kanye West or maybe Charlie Sheen.  Just hit up any gossip site for ideas.

Incorporate a picture of something shocking

This works very well.

Use a headline that creates panic

Something like “Your Credit Score will be Permanently Damanged!”

Incorporate the keyword/URL you are popping on into the page

For example have your page say “Welcome Ebay.com Shoppers.”  This can be done easily with variable passing.

Incorporate calling out the city/state

Any GEO script can accomplish this easily. For example have your page say “Attention: All shoppers located in Buffalo, NY!”

Try gender exclusive calls

Try gender exclusive calls to action “Men Only” or “Wanted: Women Only!”

Keep the page simple

Only use 1-2 pictures, and 1-2 lines of text.  I see way too many cluttered PPV pops out there.

Play on controversial political topics and breaking new stories

Test direct linking

It does work surprisingly well with some offers.

Test having your page look very similar to the website you're popping on

Test having your page look very similar to the offer they're going to

Try engaging the user with polls or surveys

If your page uses images split test them

So many marketers test 1-3 pictures then move on.  You have to treat this like Facebook or Plenty of Fish, images play a big role.

I always split test 5-10 images to see which one gets the best CTR. Remember to use a landing page rotator to run split tests, so the pages can all be tested at the same time of the same day to ensure accurate results.

Yes Ladder the visitor with a survey, then hit them with the offer

A Yes Ladder example would be something like, “Have you ever smoked a cigarette?”… “Yes”…. “Are you aware of the dangers of smoking?”… “Yes” … “Would you be interested in free cigarettes?” … “Yes”  … “We are currently giving out 25 free packs of safe cigarettes.

Can we send you one? … “Yes.”  Now this is just an off-the-head example of something I would use with eCigs.

Try using a warning box pop-over on your landing page

If your network allows it, use an exit pop

Well, that's all for now good luck!  We'll have another list coming soon!
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