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20+ Free Traffic Sources for Affiliates

Some people wait till they go broke before they decide to get started with affiliate marketing.

Other people just have tight budgets. Either way this is post is for you.

I rounded up the 20 best free traffic sources for you to use as an affiliate marketer.

Now each of these sources will require a little digging and creativity for you to get them making money, but I'll try to point you in the right direction.

In the future, we'll go into further depth with different methods for each source.


Search Engine Optimization, basically getting your site to rank in Google/Yahoo/Bing/ect for a certain search term. Thus generating free clicks to your site.


HubPages is a community where you can create pages for subjects of interest.  HubPages has been a popular avenue for affiliate marketers for a while now.

Classified Listings

There are hundreds of methods for making money off of free classified sites like Craigslist.

Guest Blogging

Go do some guest blogging on other peoples' sites from your niche.  Most bloggers are surprisingly open to this. We even at times take guest posts from our members. Always remember to bring the quality.

Leave Comments

Leave comments on other peoples’ blogs. Do NOT spam or use automation. Make sure your provide value, and visitors will come to your site with a much higher level of trust and respect for you.

Document Sharing Sites

Sites like Scribd are another way to promote your free content.


Youtube is another great source. You can upload videos related to your niche and put your link in the video's description.

Check out our in-depth Youtube method here.

Start a Podcast

People highly under-rate how much of a following podcasts can gain. Plus the traffic quality can be very high.

Free Press Releases

There are a tons of Free Press Release sites out there to be used for promotion.  You have to do some digging to find the quality ones, but they exist.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is must for getting your content out to there internet.

Question & Answer

I can't tell you how many affiliate marketers I know that have made a full-time living and then some off sites likes Yahoo Answers.


Pinboards have really grown in popularity after the explosion of Pinterest. Pinterest may block affiliate links, but there are hundreds of Pinboards that don't.

Message Board Signatures

Message Board Signatures are another great way to drive traffic to your site.  Just make sure you read all the rules, and do some digging before you come out guns blazing.

Also like all these free methods, the quality you put out directly reflects the quality of traffic you bring in.


Tons of affiliates crush it offline with Flyers when starting out.

Drop Marketing

Drop Marketing is another offline tactic that involves dropping something on the street in mass quantities hoping people will pick it up.

I've seen marketers make things look like folded up $100 bills, then have a message on the inside referring people to their site. This is just one way of going about it.

Article Marketing

Another source like SEO that has been around since the dawn of internet time. Do some searching around, and you'll see numerous methods based off of this free traffic source.


Hand-Outs are like Flyers, but a bit more personal.  Go to high traffic area with a demographic that could fit with your offer and hand out flyers.

You can even hand out samples of something relating to your blog… This is another great method for beginners.


You may have seen blogroll on peoples' sites linking from one blog to another. Well if you have a quality site, and take a few seconds to send some well worded emails to fellow bloggers, you may end-up on their sites.


If you haven't found a marketer making a killing off of Facebook & Twitter, you need to take second look.  There is tons of advice out there on how to take advantage of these free traffic sources.

Auction Sites

Sites like eBay can generate a surprisingly large amount of free traffic to a site. Make a cheap auction related to something in your niche, and add your link to it.

Get creative, just make sure you're not too aggressive and get banned.

That's all for now! If you have any other affiliate marketing free traffic sources you want to see added to this list just sound off in the comment section.
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