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The Big $$$ Bing Ads Tools

Looking for some of the best resources and tools out there for Bing ads, well here they are.

These are the simple things that SEM professionals pay attention to. Being a good marketer is about developing a killer instinct, and paying attention to details.

I can't teach you the instinct, that comes from hands on experience. But the details are right here.

AdCenter Support

You can call AdCenter support at 1-800-518-5689. I can't tell you how much I've learnt over the years by just hammering the reps with questions. Give it a shot.

Bing Ad Editor

The Bing Editor software is great for faster AdCenter operation, Backing Up Campaigns, and Importing campaigns to and from Adwords.

AdCenter Blog

AdCenter's Blog is a must follow if you are running traffic with them. You'll get all the need to know AdCenter updates.

AdCenter Forum

The forums are another deep resource.

AdCenter Business Blog

AdCenter's Business Blog has some good insights. Not a “must” read, but still note worthy.
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