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Sub-ID Tracking Explained

Sud-ID tracking is a very fundamental style of tracking. Its essential for those running free traffic, but must be understood by ever affiliate marketer.

In this guide, I'll explain how to use it!

I am going to show you how to use Sub-ID tracking with the popular affiliate network Max Bounty. Sub-ID tracking works the same on every affiliate network. Things maybe in slightly different places, but the concept will remain the same.

First, when you go to get your affiliate link for an offer, place some sort of place holder into the “Sub-ID” area. I'll do “YTVideo25LP2”, because this link will be used in my Youtube campaign for video number 25 on my 2nd landing page. This way I can see which video and which landing page converts.

When you generate your affiliate link, you should see the Sub-ID tracking in the URL.

Now anytime you get a conversion or a click from this specific link it will be tracked in MaxBounty Reports, under “Sub-ID Report“.
Hopefully you can see the potential of this simple tracking style, and essential need of tracking. (Also for those of you using Prosper202, I hope this helps explain better how Prosper202 works with Sub-IDs.)

Also passing PHP variables is another cool trick you can use when building email lists that you want to use Sub-ID tracking for.

Good luck! Post your questions below!
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