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How to Make Landing Pages: Method #3

If you've tried method #1 here and method #2 here, and you want something easier… check my last method for making landing pages.

Without a good landing pages you'll never be successful in CPA. So pay attention!

This is the simplest and “last resort” method as I call it.
  • First pick an offer. If you don't know by now, start here.
  • Draw up a landing page on paper (and scan it in) or draw it via Paint on your computer. Write your headline, angle, call to action, ect.
  • Next, hire a developer/designer via Fiverr or oDesk and send them your mock up, and also send them your offer. Instruct them to build off of it.
  • When they send you back a finished product, inspect it heavily and have them make tweaks if needed.
 Again, use this only as a last resort.
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