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How to Install Prosper202

Prosper202 is a highly recommended free tracking system. In this guide, I'll share how to install Prosper202 and learn to operate it.

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1. Download Prosper202 from here.

2. Connect your server via your cPannel.

3. Go to “MySQL Database Wizard” to create a new database, and create a new user. Then assign the user to the database giving them “ALL PRIVILEGES”.

4. Next, unzip the Prosper202 zip file you download. Open the “202-config-sample.php” file, and put in your database details.

Leave everything else alone, then save the file. Rename the file to “202-config.php”, removing the “sample” part.

5. Upload the files to your server via FTP, you must upload the contents of the your Prosper202 folder to it's own domain. (Also make sure your FTP is in binary mode to avoid errors.

Learn how to check in Filezilla here.

6. Go to the domain you installed Prosper202 on via your web browser and follow the final steps.

7. Now login and click on “Tracking202” to access your tracking.

Setting Up a Campaign

A great all around video guide on setting up a campaign can be found here. Also there is a nice guide from Luke on how to integrate things with Peerfly and Prosper202.

Setting a up a campaign is going to varie a little ad network to ad network, and affiliate network to affiliate network, so you have to learn to research things on Google and the forums to make it work.

Good luck!
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