A Complete Course of CPA

How I Made $50/Day as a Newbie!

Welcome to our MASSIVE step-by-step CPA guide. No matter your budget! This guide will get you converting!

Sick of being a CPA & Affiliate Newbie?

This Ultimate Newbie Guide will serve as a starting point for learning Internet Marketing. As well as how to use and navigate CpaMaster to it's fullest potential.

Starting Out

The first thing to plan when starting out is your budget. How much are you willing to spend on learning to make money online?

This is important because if your budget is too low, you'll want to stick to free traffic when starting out.

Understand, learning to be successful with Internet Marketing takes generally around 3 months of testing and studying. I'm not here to sell you a shortcut, I'm here to give you the truth.

Some people learn faster, some people learn slower. It all depends on your natural marketing skill level, your work ethic, and your attitude.

But I'll tell you, NOTHING beats the feeling when you hit your first $50 a day campaign. Then you can kick your feet up and collect the money on auto-pilot for a bit.

Paid vs. Free Traffic

If your budget is over $800 to be spread out across 3 months then I'd recommend paid traffic.

If that is out of your budget, free methods and free traffic is for you. You get to learn without spending a penny.

Also even if you have the $800+ budget, don't be afraid to start with free traffic.

Paid Traffic is traffic or clicks you have to pay for from an Ad Networks. Free Traffic is traffic or clicks you generate by using Free Methods.

Despite what you have read online, one or neither better than the other. And both styles are still are extremely profitable today.

Lots of people want the fastest results (I don't blame them), and they think if they use paid traffic it will be faster. Since you can get traffic right away.

You'll get traffic quicker, but that doesn't mean you'll get results quicker. Coming from someone who has coached tons of newbies, if done right and creatively free traffic can get your faster results.


Hosting is the server you'll use to keep your website(s) online. Anything you see on the internet has purchased/rented a server to host their website(s) to the world.

Domain Names

A domain name is another name for a website's URL. Its used to help point people to your website.

When you just setup your server chances are you picked out a domain name of your own. That's perfect.

If not or if you want to get another domain name, head over the NameCheap the best place to buy domains online.

Make sure when you purchase a domain you turn the who-is privacy on. This will protect you from snoopy people and spammers trying to pull up your contact info from your website.

They do this through a service know as Who-Is. (If you don't fully understand, don't worry, just make sure any new domains you get have the who-is privacy guard turned on).

When it comes to domain names for my campaigns, I like to pick very general names, so I can re-use them.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate & CPA Networks acts as an middle man between affiliates/publishers (you) and merchants looking for people to promote their products or services.

On these networks you'll be able to find different offers, which pay you a commission for conversions.
These networks are always free to join

Promoting Your Offer

Next take a moment and read my Direct Linking vs. Landing Pages vs. Squeeze Pages vs. Websites guide.


Now when it comes to tracking you have a few options. If you're choosing to focus on Free Traffic, I recommend using Sub-IDs.

Sub-ID Tracking 

Sub-ID Tracking is the free tracking method provided by your CPA or Affiliate Networks. It is very stable and extremely easy to use once you figure it out.

The learning curve of “figuring” it out is very quick as well. It is a must learn for any CPA or Affiliate Marketer.

But if you're doing paid traffic you are going to need Prosper202, or CPV Lab.


Prosper202 is an amazing free tracking solution, perfect for any beginner. Check out my guide on installing and using Prosper202 here.

The only thing is, I wouldn’t recommend using it for PPV traffic. It can have some hick-ups. In that case check out CPV Lab.


CPV Lab is the best tracking out there. As soon as you can afford it, get it!

Getting Traffic & Monetizing Traffic

As discussed there are two styles of traffic paid or free. At this point if you've been following along correctly, you know what style you are going to use.

Now when it comes to getting the traffic and monetizing it your in the right place, those two concept are what the majority of cpamaster is dedicated to.

How To Use CpaMaster


The Guides section found in our main menu, is the starting point after completing this article.
The Guides section is divided up into 4 skill levels.

Complete Newbie – The complete newbie section is a collection must read guides for getting started in CPA.

Even if you are not a newbie at all I suggest taking the time to look through this section. You may find a valuable tip that you are not expecting. Always be learning as much as you can.

After you have completed reading this guide, and all the others in the “Complete Newbie” section (it is a good day or so worth of reading) it is time to move onto the Beginner section.

Beginner – The Beginner section in our drop down menu presents a selection of good traffic sources for getting started.

They are PPV, 7Search, Free Methods, and Offline Methods. Each of these sections will provide a large collections of guides and info on the traffic source.

After you have made your first profitable campaign in your one of the Beginner traffic sources, you can consider testing out some Intermediate level sources.

Intermediate – The Intermediate section in our drop down menu holds 3 intermediate level traffic sources.

They are Bing Ads, Plenty of Fish Ads, and Facebook Ads. Again each of these sections will provide a large collections of guides and info on the traffic source.

Once you have gotten a few profitable campaigns in Intermediate you can begin to explore the Advance section.

I would say you may start reading over the Email List Building section of the Advance level while you are still at the Intermediate level.

This is because sometimes list building can help to get the most out your Intermediate level Facebook Ads, and Bing Ad campaigns.

Advance – The Advance section in our drop down menu holds 2 sections Adwords and Email List Building.

When learning each traffic source, be the look out for my “MEGA Guides” which are large overviews of using the traffic source. And remember many marketers make a living using only 1 or 2 traffic sources, so there is no need to learn them all, it is better to learn 1 and master it.

Final Thoughts

Congrats! You just made it through the Ultimate Newbie Guide! But your journey is just beginning.

Remember on average it takes about 3+ months to become successful as an affiliate marketer. For some of you it will be fast, for some it will be slower. So don't beat yourself up over little things.

Also pick one traffic source and stick with it. Learning to be an affiliate marketer is a very board skill-set.

The biggest mistake I see with beginners is jumping around wayyy too much. Pick one traffic source, and stick with it until you master it.

Remember if you don't quit, you'll be successful. Good Luck & Never Give Up!

So How Did I Do It?

How did I hit the $50/Day as a Newbie? I was promoting HostGator hosting via Bing Ads.

I bid on a lot of HostGator competitors, and put together a pretty convincing sales letter for a newbie.
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