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How I Made $150/Day with 7Search!

Today, I made some updates to the mega 7Search guide.

Teaching you 7Search from top to bottom. Showing you step-by-step my exact thought process for building a winning campaign.

Get ready to have your mind blow. :)

What is 7Search?

7Search is a popular PPC ad network. Its very beginner friendly, and has quite the reputation around the industry. Many people get frustrated with the traffic and run away. Their loss our gain.

What people fail to realize is 7Search has a lot of display traffic mixed in with its PPC. In Adwords or AdCenter you can simply check a button and turn off all display traffic, in 7Search you can't. This is why there is a huge discrepancy in “traffic quality.” It isn't your standard PPC traffic.

But just because you can't turn off the display traffic, doesn't mean you can't block it.

Since you're dealing with a lot of display traffic don't be surprised when you get XX,XXX impressions. There is a reason why you can get .05 cent clicks for tons of keywords.

Also when you are just starting off with a new traffic source, make sure you're in the right headspace.

Finding Offers

The best why to find the top offers for any traffic source is to ask your affiliate manager. With 7Search its common to see a lot of email submits, but don't let it scare you away from CPS offers.

At one time I was making $150 a day using a biz-opp CPS targeting only 1 keyword. So don't liming yourself!

Another more advance technique I've seen people use is building lists, and then sending the user offers later. Personally I would only recommend trying this after you have a successful campaign.

Finding Keywords

For great tools and info on finding your keywords check out the post here.


Prosper202 does the job and it is free. Check it out here, and go here for videos explaining how to get it up and running.

Ad Copy

When it comes to writing good ad copy I recommend reading our two guides on PPC Ad Copy
here and here. Also be sure to check out the book Cashvertising.

Another great trick is to spy on your competitor's campaigns by using the spy tool.


When it comes to bidding, I always shoot for just a high enough bid to put my ad in the top spot, and then pull things down if I need to.

Also starting with Exact targeting first can work good, before moving on to Broad ect. This makes sure you get the highest targeted traffic, which can help a lot, but sometimes this won't give you enough traffic with smaller to mid-sized keywords.

Landing Pages

When it comes to using landing pages or not, personally I almost always get a better conversion rate with a landing page. But I've been building pages for over 5 years now, so if you are just starting out test both.

Try using the spy tool here to see what your competition is doing.

If you're new to building landing pages, check out all the free landing pages we've shared. Plus these two methods here, and here for building your LPs.

Also implement some scripts from our Tools section here for higher CTRs.


When it comes to optimizing your campaign the most important thing with 7Search is to use your tracking to find the bad referrers and remove them. Many times its the display traffic.

Instead of removing poor converting keywords like most PPC networks, with 7Search you'll spend time removing bad referrers.

I always spend 1.5x the offer's payout in testing each keyword.

Lastly make sure your take the time to select the proper countries the offer converts in, and setup proper day-parting.

Good day-parting can really impact conversions, since you can do things like pause your campaigns in the middle of the night. You usually get low quality clicks then.

After things are converting, I'll broaden my day-parting setting to see what happens. You'll have to contact 7Search here, to get day-parting enable on your account.


Here are some of my favorite knowledge sources on 7Search:
  •  7Search Blog
  • 7Search Youtube Channel
  • Luke from Peerfly’s Blog
Any questions post them below in the comments, and we'll help you out!

So How Did I Do It?

How did I hit the $150/Day with 7Search? I was running a few weight loss offers with a review landing page.

I bid on some of the biggest keywords on 7Search, tracked it all, and then slow removed all the bad keywords and junk referrers.

In the end 5 keywords hit it big for me.
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