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Facebook Fanpage Method 3: Redirect

Facebook Fanpage Method 3 is the process of setting up a Facebook Fanpage Tab as a redirect to your Landing Page or Offer.

First note, I really feel this method is gaming or tricking Facebook Ads a bit.

So personally I stay away from it because I don't want to risk making Facebook Ads mad, and I can do all I need to with Methods #1 and Method #2.

But with that being said it works great for a lot of advertisers.

Here is how you do it in 3 steps:
  • Install the App “Static Iframe Tab” onto your page, the app can hard to find sometimes, so I have a link here.
  • Next you will have to Authorize the tab. (I don't like that it can access some of my info, so that is why I don't recommend this tab app for just standard HTML like my Landing or Sales Page method).
  • Under “Page Source:” you'll want to select “Redirect”, and enter your URL.
Now, you are good to go! (Please note if you view the page as an Admin you'll get a warning before the redirect, standard viewers don't get that. They are immediately redirected).

This way when someone clicks on your ad they will be taken directly to your URL.

Any questions post them in the comments!
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