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$400/Day with Bing Ads PPC!

Its about time we released our Bing Ads MEGA GUIDE! I've hit $400 a day, but with all the volume Bing Ads has the sky is the limit.

In this guide I lay out everything I do step-by-step…

Before reading this guide please make sure you have read our newbie guide here.

What is Bing Ads

Bing Ads is a great PPC traffic source for affiliate marketers. Clicks come from Bing and Yahoo search ads.

The traffic quality is much better than 7Search and so is the volume. But there is a lot more setting you need to watch, and a bit more competition.

Bing Ads costs more per click than 7Search, but when it comes down to it you get more quality clicks. So personally I don't worry about it too much.

Bing Ads is a good beginner to intermediate traffic source. (I would label 7Search as strictly a newbie traffic source. Do to low volume, and simple settings. Easy to use, but hard to scale.)

The Mindset

The first step in reaching success with any Ad Network is getting your mental state correct. Here is my popular excerpt from my POF Mega Guide on getting in the right head space….

“To get good with POF, Bing Ads, or any traffic source you have to commit yourself to learning it. You need to know it like the back of your hand, better than any of your competition.

Here is the thing, no one guide or eBook can teach you this. Each will teach you some of it, but on your quest of POF domination you must be willing to read different knowledge sources.

Absorb each of the sources to the fullest and be taught conflicting ideas, realizing there is no one right way to do things. There are multiple ways, and YOU are going to have to use critical discussion making to pick when the correct strategy is appropriate.

You’ll pick and you’ll be wrong, you’ll be wrong more times than you are right. Luckily you only have to be right a few times to make a living in this business.

So don’t worry about failure, its only a failure if you quit. You are not losing money… its just another split test, another learning experience, another day gathering more knowledge and data.

Losing money is never fun, but its part of the game. Remove all your emotions from your money, they’re just some random digits on paper.

Decide how much you are going to test with, and then if you run out, decide how you can get some more.
If you are starting out I would recommend somewhere between $500 to $2,000. It all completely depends on your skill level, but I would defiantly recommend a $500 minimum.

Also assume you are going to lose it all to. All you are going to walk away with is a great learning experience, you can’t get bitter and frustrated over losing money. Its just not how winners play the game.

The big money makers play to win, and keep the big picture in mind.

Alright time for the finer details.”

Finding an Offer

On Bing Ads nearly any offer can work, so there is no need to restrict yourself. (This is pretty common with PPC.)

The only offers I would suggest staying away from are dating offers with age restrictions. Since you can't accurately target by age on Bing Ads, like you can with Plenty of Fish Ads or Facebook Ads.


Prosper202 does the job and it is free. Go here for our guide on setting it up.

CPVLab can also work great, if you can afford it at this point in your affiliate career.

Also be sure to read these 2 in-depth guides on PPC tracking here and here.

Picking Keywords

When it comes to picking keywords I'm a big fan of a few high volume keywords, opposed to hundreds. The fewer keywords the less money and time spent on testing. I like to pick 10 to 50 keywords when starting out.

Here is a big list of 3rd party PPC keyword research tools. My favorite 3rd party Bing Ad keyword tool is iSpionage.

Also it is a must you check out Bing Ad's own keyword tools. Lastly, check out My $1,000 Biz-Opp Keyword List here, that I've used on Bing Ads.

Bidding Startegies

I always like to shoot for the 2nd to 3rd ad spot with my bids. This generally gives you the most bang for you buck.

You'll probably have to play around with your bidding to hit this. But if you do have a campaign that is converting great, don't be afraid to test going for the #1 spot.

Landing Pages

Bing Ads landing page rules will always be changing, right now they aren't always a fan of direct linking, but it can work.

Also, they don't like squeeze pages.

What I've been doing recently is first trying to get a standard landing page approved, and if that doesn't work building a 4-6 page mini-site in WordPress.

Basically, I just make the site a landing page, with everything pitching and linking to the offer. This can work. Also, sometimes I'll add an email squeeze on it, when I want to test that route.


Now, if you really want to rock things in any major Ad Network, you have to get your setting right.

Bing Ads is no different. Read my guide on Bing Ads settings here.

Extra Knowledge

I highly suggest reading and looking over these posts: The Big $$$ Bing Ads Tools.


There are a lot of ways to optimize your campaign, here are the rules I like to follow:
  1. Start with only Exact keywords, then after things convert test Phrase, then finally Broad/Content. (I always want to start with the Ad Network's most targeted settings.)
  2. Test each keyword for 1x – 1.5x the offer's payout.
  3. Always be split testing between 2-3 ads. Test each ad for 1000+ impressions. Always be pushing for a higher CTR.
  4. There is no “standard” CTR to shoot for, every niche is different.
  5. 80% – 95% of your keywords will fail.
  6. I like to start with 10 to 50 keywords. Once I found some that convert, I'll add more like them.
  7. Stick with 1 campaign and keep trying to make it work. Don’t jump around too much. You can make nearly anything convert with good fundamentals.
If you have a campaign that stops converting, try pausing it for a week or even a month, and come back to it.


If you've taken the time to read all the guides and articles I've linked to you'll be in an amazing place ready to rock Bing Ads.

When you start building your first campaign follow a long as you do it!

Good Luck!

So How Did I Do It?

How did I hit the $400/Day with Bing Ads? I built a mini-website with 50+ reviews of fitness, and nutrition products. The goal of the site was to capture the visitors' name and e-mail.

Once I got their email, I sent them e-mail blasts and follow-ups with the hottest CPA offer of the week.
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